Five dead and many injured in the storming of the Spanish enclave of Melilla

At least five migrants were killed in the storming of the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Moroccan authorities say they were repressed when a group of about 500 migrants tried to cross the border. 133 of them have already reached the Spanish city.

According to the Spanish authorities, the intrusion was violent. It is reported that 76 migrants were injured, 13 of them seriously El Pais† Also 140 Moroccan police officers were injured, five of whom are in serious condition.

The Spanish migration agency CETI says most of the migrants who have arrived today are Sudanese. Not many migrants have arrived in Melilla in a single day since March.

This morning, about 2,000 migrants were near Melilla, after which Morocco and Spain intensified border control, including by helicopter and drone. According to the security services, a “completely organized and violent” group managed to breach the border fence. The group was reportedly forced into a closed border crossing.

strict control

Spanish instrumentals in Ceuta and Melilla are an important route for people wishing to enter the European Union. Spanish cities in North Africa are surrounded by high walls and border crossings are heavily guarded. However, groups of immigrants regularly managed to enter the fans.

Here is Ceuta and Melilla:

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