Five dead in Corsica as a result of a severe storm: ‘stormed for only half an hour’ | Abroad

French media reported that a number of victims were injured by falling trees in the camp sites, including a 13-year-old girl. An elderly woman died when a torn roof of a hut fell on her car.


Campsites in southern Corsica will have to be evacuated Thursday evening as bad weather is expected to return. The regional council has instructed camp managers to do so in light of the strong winds expected in the coming evening and night, French media reported. It comes to the Corse du Sud department, where the capital, Ajaccio, and famous places such as Porto-Vecchio are located.

‘It was intense’

Dutchman Peter, who is on vacation in Corsica with his family, talks about the sudden storm. “We woke up this morning and nothing happened. We were not warned either. It only broke in for half an hour, but it was very intense.”

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A gust of winds of 224 kilometers per hour was measured on the island. In San Nicolau, the place where Peter Nardinese vacations with his family, cars and caravans have fallen trees. Peter says the atmosphere at the camp site was depressing after the storm. “Fortunately, no one was injured. That is the most important thing.”

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Damage to Corsica after the storm.

Damage to Corsica after the storm.

Rescue at sea

Thunderstorms were very severe, accompanied by heavy rain. It also had to save people at sea.

The damage is great. At least 45,000 families on the island were without electricity.

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Parts of Italy have also been affected by severe weather after a prolonged period of heat and drought. Italian media in Tuscany reported that two people died after they were hit by a tree during a storm. A man has died near Lucca, in Carrara Park was a woman.

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