Five fun quotes from Seinfeld to make your day better

On May 14, 1998, as many as 76.3 million people in the United States were watching television. Was there a global catastrophe, an important sporting tournament, or the last episode of a series full of useless moments? The last episode, because on May 14, 1998 the final two-part episode of the Seinfeld series appeared. To celebrate, we picked 5 fun moments from this super-dry series that made comedian Jerry Seinfeld immortal.

“It’s five”

Everyone knows someone who looks like Kramer. Kramer always comes up with new “trends” that he creates with his weird brain. Sometimes it ends well, but sometimes it doesn’t. In the snippet below, you can see if Kramer has successfully filed for non-use of the wallet. Jerry seems totally absorbed in it anyway:

“Maybe she is making a fuss.”

In the clip below there are many quotes that we prefer to put straight on the tiles, because when Jerry and his friends unabashedly stare at the topless gene, all kinds of prose will pass.

“I should let the machine get it.”

It’s pretty cute so be careful not to get this in your head all day, but George’s answering machine is funny. The funny thing is that Seinfeld has generally weathered the test of time with its subjects popping up randomly, but this voicemail machine is a bit outdated. On the other hand, if you make such cool songs on it, we’d love to keep using this somewhat outdated technology.

“It’s a game of taking over the world.”

The excerpt below is shouting to be shared with your very die-hard friend who seems to totally change his personality when it comes to board games. In this episode of Seinfeld, George and Kramer play a game that they take very seriously, of course.

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