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with videoA four-storey apartment building collapsed in the center of Marseille overnight from Saturday to Sunday. At least five people from nearby buildings were injured. Nothing is yet known about the residents of the collapsed building. According to the mayor, people may still be alive under the rubble. He also said that the victims must be taken into account.

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The building on Rue de Tivoli collapsed around 0:30 am, after which a fire broke out. The fire hinders the rescuers in their search. “As a result, we cannot send dogs and teams to search for potential victims who may be under the rubble,” said Mayor Benoît Bayan. It was not clear how many people were in the collapsed building.

According to French media, a nearby building partially collapsed on Sunday morning. The residents of this building, like the residents of the building next door, had already been evacuated last night. Some were taken to hospital. There were no injuries among the firefighters who were carrying out relief work at the time of the second collapse.

According to regional director Christophe Mirmand, there were “strong suspicions” that an explosion, possibly caused by a gas leak, had triggered the crash. “But we have to remain very careful at this point in terms of identifying the causes.”

More than 100 firefighters have been deployed. Other buildings on the street were evacuated for safety reasons, Mirmand said, and residents were housed in a school.

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Emergency services in the collapsed building in Marseille. © AFP

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