Five members of the Exokan Bird Society are Dutch champions


KEIJENBORG – At last week’s Dutch Championship organized by the Dutch Association of Bird Lovers (NBvV) at IJss Hallen in Zwolle, five Exokan members became Dutch champions in various disciplines. Together they brought sixteen gold medals to Keijenborg.

In total there were about 6,000 birds at IJsshalllen. These were submitted by participants from all over the Netherlands and judged by NBvV judges.

Henk Fleming won 1x gold, 1x silver and 1x bronze in parrots. Benny Horsting won 1x gold and 1x silver in the Birds of Culture. Evert Burns won 3x gold and 1x silver in tropical birds. Martin and Martin Borgongen won 5x gold, 1x silver and 1x bronze in the Birds Stand (Five Fancy). Hans Hermanns won 6x gold, 1x silver and 2x bronze in the birdsong (Glosters and Norwich).
Exokan also achieved excellent results at the regional fair “Streek het Oosten” and the Gelderland district fair, which were organized in December.
The World Championships will be held in Naples on January 19-20. In this Italian city, 21,000 birds can be admired, including nine presented by Exokan members.

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