Five models start a conversation about green remodeling Burchtstraat / Augustijnenstraat

Nijmegen Municipality will enter into discussions with residents and businessmen in order to arrive at a concrete plan for the redevelopment of the Burchtstraat and Augustijnenstraat in the city centre. As a launch for this, the Urban Planning Office has drawn five models that show a greener design.

Climate adaptation

Redesigning the streets is necessary because buses have been out of business since 2019, but the streets are still purpose-built. Alderman Monique Esselbrugge (D66) wants to go for a climate-friendly design. “This is necessary because downtown is one of the hottest places in our municipality. With more green space, play elements, seating options and maybe water as well, we can ensure this becomes a more pleasant place to stay. Personally, I would like to feel the same as growing up on a green street. In Paris “.

“City Cascades” model. – Photo: Sant and Co

Castle Street

Urban Planning Agency Sant en Co has developed three models for redevelopment options. The first model is called the “Boulevard of Allure” and rests on three central rows of trees in the middle of the Porschestraat with green “strips”, seating areas and clinker bricks on either side. There is space for art in the little squares and for the water surface at the Grote Markt. The second form is called “City Cascades”, with a wider central appearance in which trees and other greenery are concentrated on one side and alongside a stream with seating options. There is also space for open spaces, differences in level and water in the central profile. On the side of the tree, the berth next to the central profile is relatively narrow, on the opposite side it is wider. The third model is called a “folded landscape”. This form is characterized by two strips of raised green space with a central pedestrian area in between and relatively narrow “sidewalks” in front of the buildings.

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A folded landscape. – Photo: Sant and Co


In all models, two rows of trees are preserved at Augustijnenstraat and there is a place at the bottom of the street at the head of Plein 1944 for a small park. Sant en Co created two models for the redesign of the Augustijnenstraat. The first design model is a ‘city street’ profile, where the existing wide profile is broken with green stripes and the tree mirrors of the existing trees are green and connected to each other where possible. The second design form is the ‘Park Street’ profile, where the existing profile is narrowed sharply towards the center with greenery until a 4.5m wide profile remains. Thus, a one-way expedition is guaranteed. There is maximum greening from the facades to the narrow central profile.

Augustijnenstraat’s second form. – Photo: Sant and Co

Join the conversation

Residents and business people who wish to participate in the discussion on the redevelopment of Burchtstraat and Augustijnenstraat can do so in different ways. For example at evening parties, but also via Instagram. Not intending to choose one of the exhibitors. “It’s about being able to say what they like and what they don’t like,” Esselbrug says. “This way we can jointly come up with a concrete plan that can be calculated and sent to the city council. Hopefully this will be necessary this year and the physical adjustments can start next year.”

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