Five Tips When Buying LED Recessed Lights

Comfortable spots are very popular in our country. You will find them in almost all homes in the Netherlands. Pendant lights are often used in bathrooms and kitchens in particular. This makes sense, as it ensures that it brightens up the entire room well while barely noticeable. You can also use points to create accent lighting. If you are planning to purchase recessed spotlights, it is a good idea to choose LEDs. You can buy them using the tips below.


How many comfortable spotlights to purchase depends on your personal wishes, although the design of the room also affects this. You also have to look at the space function. In the kitchen, for example, you will need a lot of light as it should work well here, after all you don’t want to cut your finger because you can’t see it properly. There’s a good chance you want to install a relatively large number of spots here, while they also have more light output than the average cozy spot. Usually 400 to 450 lumens are chosen in the kitchen.

230 volts

In the past, 12 volt spot was generally chosen. However, this generally will not be the case in 2021. This is partly because kitchens and bathrooms are now larger and better ventilated. Plus, the bulbs will not get hot anymore. Nowadays, it is best to use a 230 Volt LED recessed spotlight in all rooms. You will then have more options, while also having a better opacity ability. Another advantage of these types of stains is that they are cheaper. It is also easier to communicate.

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Opacity, that’s just mentioned. It’s wise to always take this dimmable LED floodlights, even if you plan not to dim them. For now, you might think that opacity isn’t necessary, but once you put on the stains, this turns out to be helpful. Therefore, it is recommended to choose light-reflecting spots. They will be a little more expensive than regular bulbs, but the difference is almost non-existent. Moreover, this will ensure that you still have the option to dim the LED spotlights in the future. All spotlights are dimmable in principle, as long as you connect a dimmer to them.


The IP value of the LED pendant lights is important, meaning the ingress protection. In other words, the value of stain protection. In principle, this means how much a comfortable spot is resistant to dust, as well as water. This is of course really important. If you get stains in the bathroom, it’s a good idea to choose IP65 waterproof lights. This will make the holes in the ceiling waterproof, which of course can be really helpful. You will find enough copies of this of options!

Warm wit

Additionally, you can also choose from the color of the cozy spot. It is customary in our country to take warm white. So this is recommended for every room in the house. The warm white color will provide comfort and atmosphere, while also giving the room a warm feeling. If you want to create an extra atmosphere, you can even opt for an extra warm white. With cold white you will be able to achieve exactly the opposite. A dark to warm spot may also be a good option. This makes it possible to decide for yourself the color of the light entering the room.

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