Five years in prison for a man who wanted to free his wife with a hijacked helicopter | abroad

“Mike J. tried to free his wife from Birkendale prison by hijacking a helicopter,” the judge said. “He did not take into account the painful consequences of the pilot who was threatened with weapons in the cockpit,” he added.

Aerial photos

Mike J, along with Dennis L. (23 years old) from Lanaken and Wenthe b. (19 years) from Pilsen, with an appointment on September 25, 2020 for a helicopter flight over Brussels to take aerial photos. As the plane flew over the Brussels court, the pilot, a 36-year-old woman, pointed three airsoft rifles at her head. I was forced to travel to Birkendale, the women’s ward of the jungle prison. There, Mike J.’s wife was imprisoned. On suspicion of killing her ex-partner.

Mike J. For the pilot to land in the yard, which is an almost impossible task. When Mike noticed the pilot was trying to wake the ATC, he pushed the joystick, causing the helicopter to land and roll. The pilot had to fight Mike J for the joystick, while she was still at gunpoint by the other two.


Thanks to its many years of experience, the pilot was able to stabilize the plane again. I pretended to go down the yard by getting out three or four times. She said she was not working and falsifying an attack of hyperventilation. This way she managed to get G. to abandon her plan. Then I traveled to the village of Walloon Brabant in Helsin. There are three fled.

Mike J. was arrested the next day near Brussels. Shortly thereafter, Dennis L. Wenthe B. In Limburg.

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The husband was killed

Kristel A., Mike J’s wife, has been imprisoned since 2018. Along with the ex, not Mike J, she murdered her then-husband in Aarschot. The man was killed by knife stabs.

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