Flemish/Israeli crime thriller Rough Diamonds on Netflix in April

In the Flemish spoken-word series Rough Diamonds, Noah Wolfson (Kevin Janssens) has to save his family’s honor by paying off a very large debt caused by his brother. But Noah is facing more and more problems with his plate.

The Wolfson family has always been a big and respected name in the diamond world of Antwerp. But this name was dragged through the mud by one of the sons of the family who worked with shady partners. Reason enough for Brother Noah Wolfson to return to Antwerp and put things in order.

Noah Wolfson

Noah left for the United States years ago because he hated his family’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish lifestyle. But now he is determined to save his family’s reputation. This is difficult because he is at odds with the rest of the family. And though Noah does his best, the misery only gets worse when the Wolfsons are sucked into the underworld.

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In addition to Kevin Janssens, Ini Massez, Robbie Cleiren, Jeroen Van der Ven, Marie Vinck and Els Dottermans also play. The Israeli actors in the movie Rough Diamonds are Dudu Fischer, Yona Elian and Mindy Kahan. The series is written by Yuval Yefet and Rotem Shamris, which are also among the best series Fouda in their bio and also broadcast on Een.

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rough diamonds It will be on Netflix from April 21st.

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