Flight turns around after co-pilot admits final rating failure | abroad

The plane had to circle over Ireland when the co-pilot admitted, 40 minutes into the flight, that he had missed his last assessment flight. The plane was already flying over Ireland when the student told the chief pilot what the fork was like.

The plane with 300 passengers on board had to wait again at London Heathrow for a qualified replacement, resulting in the plane arriving in New York three hours later than planned.

The airline apologized, saying the crash was caused by a “list error”. It was said that the passengers were never in danger. Both pilots were fully licensed and qualified to fly aircraft.

The co-pilot required a “final assessment flight” with a pilot training pilot in line with Virgin Atlantic policy. The choice of pilots did not violate flight or safety regulations, but did breach internal training protocols.


A source told The Sun, “The tension in the cockpit was unbearable. The lead pilot had no choice but to arrange a suitable replacement. It was embarrassing for everyone and the passengers were angry.”

The company is said to have analyzed the company’s internal operations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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