Flitsmeister now works in Android Auto so you can test the beta version [Update]

Flitsmeister now has the first version of their app in Android Auto. You can now use Navigation while seeing warnings about speed cameras, section controls, and more. There is now a first public beta for Android Auto.

Update 02/05 at 2:00 pm: We just heard from Flitsmeister that there is an issue sending the update in the Google Play Store. So the update with Android Auto support can take a little longer. We have adapted this article.

Flitsmeister in Android Auto

Flash Master One of the most popular apps that works on driver’s phones while driving. This way you are always aware of mobile speed cameras, stationary vehicles on the road, approaching ambulances, and much more. From now on, you can also find the app in Andorid Auto. Flitsmeister announces to our editorial team that the first beta version of the app for Android Auto is available.

First, the app works for navigation and you will see a route on the map and all necessary directions that will take you to your destination. In the Android Auto app, you can also choose multiple tracks and switch to an alternate route while riding. While driving, you will also receive notifications from Flitsmeister with all kinds of warnings that you are used to about the service. You will also see exact warning pins on the map, for example with speed cameras and stationary vehicles.

Flitsmeister now works in Android Auto so you can test the beta version [Update]

Screenshot of the application

This is how you test the app

If you want to start using Flitsmeister in Android Auto, you only need to install the trial version of the app on your phone. For now, it is still waiting for Android Auto to be implemented in the stable version of the app. Flitsmeister relies on feedback from community members forum In order to discover childhood flaws in beta in time, and then fix them.

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Flitsmeister now works in Android Auto so you can test the beta version [Update]

A report in Flitsmeister

Flitsmeister is currently still awaiting approval from Google before the update is rolled out. We’ll notify you when an update is available.

In October of 2020 Become known Flitsmeister would have run on Android Auto. Since then we’ve seen the app work in the video, But the beta version took a little longer. Will you give Flitsmeister a try on Android Auto? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Flash Master

Flash Master

Flitsmeister is an app created around speed cameras and speed traps. This way you can see at a glance which speed cameras are in your area.

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