Fluttering rug, sheer blouse and skate tik tok star: these are the five best gaming tattoos

Cult curling champion Matt Hamilton. AP . photos

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They’re less visible during the Winter Olympics because of all the hats, goggles, and gloves, but some participants still do their best to stand out from the crowd with tattoos. One of the top five paintings in Beijing.

Matt Hamilton (USA, curling ball)

It seems that he escaped directly from Maskanteji. Matt Hamilton is a fan of mustaches, tattoos, sneakers and a long mat hanging around his neck and draping. Because the 32-year-old athlete is a member of the American rock-slithering team in Beijing. His striking appearance makes him the cult hero of these Olympics in one fell swoop.

Kylie Humphries (US, monobob)

Kylie Humphreys is tattooed from head to toe under her suit.

Kylie Humphreys is tattooed from head to toe under her suit. AP . photos

You have tattoo lovers and you have Kylie Humphreys. The Canadian/American pilot is full of graphics entirely except for her head. And did not just let them randomly. One by one they have meaning to the sleigh legend. Hopefully, she has room for another one, as she was the first female Olympic champion in monopop in Beijing. It was already her third gold medal; Previously she won twice with Canada in the two-man pop.

Maxim Spoderev (Poland, ice dance)

Maxim Spoderev has the Olympic rings on the back.

Maxim Spoderev has the Olympic rings on the back. Getty Images

There are not many sports where you can wear a transparent blouse while performing your profession, but no one is surprised by ice dancing. Under the uniform of pole Maxim Spoderev (born in Ukraine) five proud Olympic rings, a souvenir of his participation in 2018.

Ekaterina Kuzmina (Russia, curling)

Ekaterina Kuzmina during curling in Beijing.

Ekaterina Kuzmina during curling in Beijing. Photo ANP / Sputnik

The love of the curling stone is so great with Russian Ekaterina Kuzmina that she had a heart for it. Fortunately, if she finds another love, she can easily turn it into a hamburger, for example.

Dylan Hogerwirff (Netherlands, short track)

Dylan Hogerwirff.

Dylan Hogerwirff. Pictures of Renee Baumann

Dylan Hoogerwerf is more popular as a tattoo artist than as a skater. On TikTok, he has 1.8 million fans and not only does he have tattoos on his body, but also designs them for others. The chance is small, but if the Netherlands wins a medal in the relay, Hoogerwerf has already chosen a place for his next tattoo.

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