Fluxys ensures that Belgium has sufficient natural gas


Belgium has enough natural gas even in very cold climates. This is ensured by Fluxys, the operator of the natural gas network in our country. The company denies any potential supply issues.

Source: Belga

Fluxys responds Delivery report The central government has received, and the administration is warning that severe winters will lead to gas shortages. In that case, there would be no imports from the United Kingdom, the report said.

But according to Fluxys, there is no question of a potential supply problem. “We want to reassure. There is no problem with security of supply,” said Fluxys spokesman Laurent Remy.

It is also in very cold climates. “Even without gas from the United Kingdom there is sufficient peak capacity at -11 degrees,” said a Fluxys spokesperson. There is sufficient gas supply from liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Norway and gas storage in Loenhout”. At Fluxys, they point out that -11 degrees is an extreme situation, which happened ten years ago. “But even we will come without any trouble.”

Also, since this summer, households and businesses have used significantly less natural gas due to higher prices. “Consumption is down 17.5 percent since August.”

Yesterday/Thursday there were no gas imports from the United Kingdom, temperatures were just above freezing and consumption was 635 GWh. The same amount of natural gas was exported to Germany and the Netherlands.

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