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Robbie Service signed a new two-year contract with MVV Maastricht on Tuesday.

Service, who has been part of the club’s technical staff for nearly two years, will focus more on the U23 team and receive his coaching diploma in the coming seasons.

The native Maastricht has so far incorporated the MVV Onder-21 coaching position into his role as an assistant coach on the first team, where he coaches coach Darije Colesic and other assistant Regilio Vride. From next season he will fill part-time service as an assistant coach at Star Bears’ primary division.

In a very impressive way
Service is pleased that the 21-year-old can now go full-time at MVV. “It’s very good that I can focus more on that. The upgrade of the youth academy will make this job more attractive, but MVV’s support is also important in pursuing a professional football coaching course. This is very important to me. Stepping into my development towards becoming an independent head coach in professional football. Keep it. ”

MVV will soon unveil its plans for the Youth Academy, where Ron Elson will be the driving force.

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Cervas will begin his training as head coach after the summer. KNVP She was one of ten participants admitted to the annual course. Prior to joining MVV in 2019, Wissel served as an assistant coach for Kobe and Omiya in Japan, serving in football associations in Singapore and Australia. He was also Brunei’s national coach for a short time in 2019.

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