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Step by step: Take a tour of Catalonia

Eurosport broadcasts cycling races in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Are you overseas now or do you want a free stream? Volta and Catalonia To see? Then you need to use VPN. It’s so easy. You will be ready to go at any time:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable, fast VPN like NordVPN. It is completely free when using the 30 day money back guarantee.
  2. Download Tamil And Install VPN application.
  3. Login And connect to the Spanish server.
  4. Go on RTVE
  5. Enjoy Every day for cyclists.

Do cyclists want to know when to start or are they curious about the path they will take? Then read on soon! We also offer some additional free streaming options!

It starts in Sant Feliu de Guíxols and ends in Barcelona: de Volta and CataloniaAlso known as the Tour of Catalonia in the Netherlands. This Spanish cycling round starts again on Monday 21st March and as a cycling fan you will not want to miss it. What time do cyclists start? Where can you find Tom Demoul live to cross the finish line? You can read the answers and more in this article.

When is cycling to Catalonia?

The tour of Catalonia continues Monday, March 21st Starting 12:45 p.m.There will be a stage every day this week. The last phase is over Sunday, March 27th To do 10:45 am

Although platforms start every day between 12 and 1 p.m., streaming services around the world do not broadcast races From 3:15 p.m. From. You may not be able to see the start signal. However, you definitely do not want to miss the result.

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So on the last day the stage will start earlier. Streaming services will also broadcast this episode from 10:45 p.m. Then you can t So follow the whole race directly from start to finish

Where can I find Catalan cycling?

You can see the Catalonia tour in the Netherlands Eurosportகட்டண This payment service is available to you if you have one Within the European Union Are and a Subscription To. Outside the EU, Eurosport has no broadcasting rights. Even if you like Catalan cycling racing Free If you want to follow, you have to look for another stream.

Fortunately, there are several options:

  • RTVEThis Spanish channel is only available in Spain.
  • TVCA Catalan channel is only available from Spain.
  • TV2. This channel broadcasts the Tour of Catalonia Denmark And Norway
  • Sky Sportsஇருந்து You can watch bicycle racing live from New Zealand here.

As you can see, the above broadcasts are for specific countries only. Fortunately, you have a way Regional barriers can be easily overcomeYou do this with a Virtual private network (VPN).

How do I view a tour of Catalonia for free?

The streaming service will see from your IP address which country you are going to from online. A VPN remote server modifies your Internet traffic. Your Internet traffic will receive the IP address of this server. If the server is located in Spain, you will receive a Spanish IP Websites will think you are going online from Spain

So depending on which streaming service you choose, you can connect to a VPN server in that country to access it. Connect to a Spanish server to access live broadcasts of RTVE and TVC, or to a Danish or Norwegian server for TV2 or a New Zealand server for Sky Sport.

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Using a VPN to Protect Volta and Catalonia See also Very easyIn the step-by-step program below we explain how to do this and take the link with RTVE as an example:

  1. Take one Subscription to a good VPN provider With servers in Spain. The VPN we definitely recommend is NordVPN. We have tested this service in detail Easy access to RTVE, but also to other streaming servicesAdditionally, the connection with this VPN provider Very fast, So you can watch the match without any hindrance. You do this too Completely free If you use a 30 day money back guarantee.