Football 2022: If Van Gaal succeeds, he should speak to Troyes

“Of course, Van Gaal should be able to repeat the 2014 achievement. But it depends on a lot of factors, such as the organization of the tournament itself, injuries and opponents. Van Gaal likes to rule out chance, but he can find it very annoying, but it is true.”

How are things going with Memphis Depay, Frankie and Luke de Jong in Barcelona? Correspondent Edwin Winkles

“Barcelona is busy getting rid of a number of players this winter, especially to save salary costs. As far as Block de Jong is concerned, it’s actually the end of the story. He doesn’t fit in with coach Xavi’s views on the game and he can therefore leave.”

“The fact that Frenkie de Jong should leave is only on the basis of rumours. Xavi values ​​him greatly, so if it is not necessary, they will want to keep him. Memphis will remain in principle too. If something is missing in Barcelona, ​​then they are players. They can score a goal.”

“Barcelona’s main objective is actually to get to fourth place. Then they make sure of the Champions League for next season. It could also be easy, because the differences are not that big. If they can’t make it, it means – especially in financial terms – disastrous. “.

Can PEC Zwolle still be saved? Commentator Jean Rolfes

“You could say that PEC is doomed to be relegated. Anyway, there are still sixteen games to play. Last season, FC Emmen almost turned from a hopeless position. I think that PEC is currently not inferior in quality to Sparta and Fortuna, which are the sixteenth. and seventeen.”

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