Football players suspend play in the United States after sexual assault

Football players of the American League NWSL protested at the Games on Wednesday following a recent scandal. For example, Washington Spirit and Gotham FC suspended their game in the 6th minute. In the middle circle the players stood hand in hand.

In the other 2 matches on Wednesday, protests were held in the same way. “We will be back on the field on Wednesday evening because we don’t want our fun to diminish,” the players ’association statement said.

“But it’s not business as usual ‘2 former footballers came out last week alleging that their former coach Paul Riley had sexually abused them.

The Englishman, who denies the allegations, was immediately expelled from the North Carolina Garage Club. NWSL President Lisa Baird has resigned after leaking signals for breach behavior in the league for several years. Due to corruption, football was not played in the league last weekend.

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