Football Podcast | “You shouldn’t risk Boisley Sneijder as Ajax’s technical director” | audio notation

Champions League football, open application for a job in Ajax, German roads in Arnhem and threats and flat tires in football. These are topics in today’s AD Voetbalpodcast. Etienne Verhoef discusses it with Ajax monitor Johann Inan.

Schneider’s name fell out in some places as Marc Overmars’ successor was at Ajax and Utrechter was interested in that. This was shown last night on RTL7. “I thought he wanted to be a coach,” Inan responded to the news. “But this position seems too much to me. Sure, he has connections in the sport, but you have to have a working instinct and also lead a group of people. Ajax would not risk that with a newbie in this position.”

German tour

In Vitesse they continue on the chosen path. German coach and German technical director. There they work with a headhunting agency and the former German TD seems to have liked it so much that they are continuing that tour. Only Benjamin Schmides gets it right. Riechedly Bazoer, Lois Openda and Danilho Doekhi are all key players left. So you can prove you’re right.”

They also talked about the missed penalty shootout, the Real Madrid match and the turmoil in Ajax rival Benfica. You can listen to AD Voetbalpodcast via, the AD app and of course your favorite podcast platform.

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