“For the energy transition, look at legislation differently and make room for learning,” says the Governing Council.

Transitions, such as the energy transition, require good legislation. Set laws and rules for the long haul. Allow room for learning, assessment and experimentation. Dare to question the existing systems. This way, there is more room during implementation to respond quickly to all new and uncertain aspects that occur in these processes. This is what the General Management Board (ROB) says in its advice Fall, get up and keep going. A space for learning in transition. The Director General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Michel Hydra, accepted it today on behalf of the Minister.


It is a long road, and it involves a lot of uncertainty and risks. The road ahead is full of challenges and this means that you cannot do without a learning approach. In this advisory report, at the request of the Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the ROB seeks to answer the question of what is needed for government to learn in transitions.

The ROB answers the question on the basis of the principles of good public administration: the rule of law, democracy and administrative capacity. Things in these processes happen unintentionally, so the art is to create space for learning and this places demands on public administration. Space to make mistakes, to try and to learn: to fall, to get up and to keep going.

The legislation suffers from the prejudice that it is an obstacle to transitions. The ROB sees this differently: good legislation is a condition for its guidance. There are no laws and rules for coping if things go wrong. Legislation should aim at the end goal, where it may be necessary (daring) to revisit previously chosen starting points.

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