Ford’s F1 comeback: ‘Worth a look’

We believe that the selection of Netflix as a maker of documentaries could not have had a better effect on F1. I’ve already read hundreds of times that it has attracted more audiences and that Liberty Media is now making a lot of money with it. This is interesting for new teams, but also a possibility sustainable fuel It can be attractive to brands.

Ford Performance President Mark Rushbrook spoke to about Ford’s possible return to the sport. “Formula 1 is definitely growing strongly, both in the US and globally. They’ve been very successful in offering great racing and great competition. It’s still the pinnacle of motorsport, but they’ve managed to reach a new audience with something like campaign to survive“.

Formula zero emissions

Rushbrook believes there are several reasons why Ford should consider a return to F1. As a company, we race for innovation, technology sharing, and learning opportunity, but also for marketing purposes. It has definitely changed and is definitely worth looking into. For example, Ford could join in 2026, when Formula 1 takes its first step towards zero-emissions driving.

“It is our responsibility [de regels voor 2026] to study and understand. Then we can decide if that makes sense. At least they have some time to think about it. In 2030, the celebration of sustainability will enter Formula 1: so the sport wants to run entirely on zero-emission fuel. Ford’s rival General Motors has also indicated an interest in partnering with Cadillac and Andretti.

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