Foreign media sing about Red Bull: “We have a new favorite.”

Abroad, there is a singing response to Red Bull Racing’s performance during its test days in Bahrain. There are reports from both Italy and the United Kingdom of a new favorite title emerging for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

The Austrian squad had a trouble-free weekend at the Bahrain International Circuit. The RB16B looked more stable than its predecessor, and Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were pretty much able to drive miles effortlessly. Lap times on record don’t say anything in principle, but also on this front Milton Keynes’ team came out hard. So it appears that Red Bull Racing and the Honda engine supplier have taken steps forward in terms of both the chassis and power supply. This is while Mercedes underwent one of the toughest winter tests in years.

A tour of foreign media

The Telegraph

Don’t buy anything for her and the points won’t be distributed for the first time until Sunday, March 28th, but Red Bull Racing has definitely achieved high scores with its performance in Bahrain. The British wrote: “Before the test days, it would have been a successful year had Red Bull Racing had won more races than those two in 2020.” The Telegraph For example. “However, the performance in Bahrain has served to hopefully, especially now that Mercedes is struggling.”

Max Verstappen

Corriere dello Sport

Also Italian Corriere dello Sport He has high expectations. It appears that “the team has spread its wings.” “New engine, drivers, car development ability, past: Everything indicates that we have a new favorite for 2021. Of course Verstappen’s times have not been that special. In 2020, but they shouldn’t be ignored either. We of course will just count on it.” Test results, but the numbers speak for themselves. ”

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Lewis Hamilton

Gazzetta dello Sport

Gazzetta dello Sport, Which is the nation’s largest sports division, also appoint Red Bull Racing and Verstappen as nominees. At least for the season’s opening phase: “The last day of auditions showed that they are the biggest contenders to win the first Grand Prix of the year,” it was reported. “Mercedes had their worst start in eight years. Hamilton and the engineers know that the steady back of a Mercedes has always been the strength, but now it’s mandatory.”

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