Foreign powers are concerned about the situation around Kabul airport

The U.S. government is concerned about the situation around Kabul International Airport. By Saturday afternoon (Dutch time) it was clear At the Pentagon press conference. A U.S. Defense Department spokesman said the situation was “very turbulent and treacherous.”

Earlier, the US embassy advised passport holders not to enter the airport in the Afghan capital due to security concerns. Helicopters were used to pick up some Americans from the city. A Pentagon spokesman said at a press conference that the units were operating at the airport’s gate and were managing them so that Americans could report there.

It is difficult to verify how many more people are trying to get to the airport and which gates are open or closed due to the chaos that ensues. The United States is not alone in worrying about this. The German Air Force, Bundeswehr, said on Saturday that the situation was “very difficult”. From Hamid Karzai International Airport Six German flights are scheduled for this Saturday, According to an earlier report this Saturday.

This article is part of our live blog: As of Friday evening, 135 people on the Dutch list had been airlifted from Kabul

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