Forest fires are expanding near Bordeaux, and more than 15,000 hectares have already been destroyed this year

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3,700 hectares of a nature reserve near Bordeaux caught fire. Near the highest sand dunes in Europe, Dune de Pilat, about 1,600 hectares burned. Moreover, in Landeras, 2,100 hectares were destroyed. Firefighters from all over the country came to the rescue.

About 6,500 people were evacuated, for example, to gyms in neighborhood municipalities. Our correspondent, Franck Renaut, says from Paris in Radio NOS 1 News† †There are beds in the camp, food and drink are provided, and games are organized for children who have been on vacation. “


About 1,000 firefighters are putting out the flames, including ten firefighting aircraft. They are reinforced by colleagues from other departments, such as the Paris region. The fires have not yet been brought under control and it may take days,” he said.

Firefighters put out the Landeras fire, 40 kilometers south of Bordeaux, yesterday:

Forest fires destroy the French municipality of Landeras

It’s the biggest fire in 32 years, according to the report French media† The fire has broken out since Monday in two areas south and southwest of Bordeaux. Apparently it was created by a broken car that caught fire, after which the sparks spread to the forest.

Due to prolonged drought, high temperatures and strong winds, fires start easily, and the fire also spreads quickly. More than 15,000 hectares have burned since the beginning of this year, compared to 1,000 hectares on this day last year. Interior Minister Darmanin says:who have traveled to the area.

The fire season started very early, no doubt due to global warming and drought.

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