Former Alderman Paula Stoker returns to the Derneuson Council: ‘I’m looking forward to it, and I’m ready for it!’

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He describes the past months as a swamp of emotions. “I’ve been so broken. I’ve had a lot in my life, but nothing like it.” Stoker mentions how the municipal administrator canceled his trust in him.

As Alderman, Paula Stoker was in charge of the welfare organization aan-z because the organization comes under the municipality of Ternuchen. In these types of constructions, an Alderman became chairman of the board of directors. This also applies to other organizations such as Dayton or GGT, a social work organization.


According to Stoker, the final straw for the municipal administrator was the on-board team proposing to pay the new director a certain standard of pay. It was supported by two working groups and the human resources department. In the end, the board voted on it. Paula Stoker resigned because she disagreed with the position of municipal administrator.

The municipal administrator wanted a lower salary. On October 27, during a college meeting, confidence in him was withdrawn. “The discussion about my stay as an alterman took place without me. For that the meeting was suspended and I had to leave the room. I wish I had been there, but that opportunity was completely lost to me. You, it’s weird.”

Paula Stoker has a feeling, because of the way it went, that it was not the real reason. “There should be a council inquiry into the role of the civil servant and the college in the whole situation surrounding Aan-z and I’s departure. But this work has become a normal inquiry, focusing only on aan-z.

I like people who support my views: honest politics, clear and transparent. “

Paula Stoker is the future team leader of Dernuson Stark

So Stoker wants to close this chapter and start a new one. I.e. his new party: Ternuson Stirk. Staying with his previous party was not an option. “I’m set aside, I do not enjoy enough support to sit with them.”

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Nevertheless, it takes the seat of the TOP / Gemeentebelangen, popularly known as seat robbery. “This is not a seat robbery. This is my place. Nearly 400 people voted for me. If I had not been transferred to the position of an Alderman, I would have been in the congregation.”

If all goes well, Stoker will be installed as a councilor on Feb. 4 at Derniuson City Hall. He does not want to think about municipal elections yet. “It’s very early now, after the summer.” But she is open to people who want to join. “I like people who support my views: honest politics, clear and transparent.”

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