Former footballers Lothar Mathews and Kafu help in World Cup draw | Football

FIFA said they were German Lothar Mathews, Brazilian Kafu, Qatar’s Adel Ahmed Malala, Iran’s Ali Day, Serbia’s Bora Milutinovic, Nigeria’s J-Okocha, Algeria’s Rafa Madger and Australian Tim Cahill.

The stars must remove the balls from the four pots to form eight groups.

Prior to this international match, Orange had a slim chance of reaching Pod 1 in the World Cup draw next Friday in Qatar, thus avoiding strong nations such as Brazil, Spain, Belgium and France. For that, the Orange team must have won both practice matches during this international period and Portugal must have missed the World Cup. That did not happen.

The countries below are already determined about their place. Five more World Cup tickets are yet to be issued.

Country of Conduct


  • Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Serbia, England, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal

Ukraine have not yet played against Scotland. The winner will compete against Wales for the last European ticket.

South America

  • Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay

In mid-June, Peru will face the winner of the match between the United Arab Emirates and Australia.


  • Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon


  • Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia

Australia and the United Arab Emirates are still playing against each other. The winner meets Peru for a World Cup ticket.

North and Central America

The top three places in the final group with eight nations go to the World Cup. Playing number four against the New Zealand winner – the Solomon Islands.


New Zealand play play-off against the Solomon Islands. The winner will play against a country from the North and Central America Qualification Committee.

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