Former Google employees told court they did not want to be harmed

Google will be guilty of breach of contract, all three in the same letter Fee It was filed Monday in Santa Clara, California. They point out that “do not be evil” – do not be evil, Google’s former goal – was a contractual obligation in their own contracts, and they complied by objecting to a business decision which they considered to be evil.

In 2019, all three employees opposed the possibility of Google merging with US border security in one way or another. Rebecca Rivers, Sophie Waldman, and Paul Duke have identified various border security organizations as “responsible for the separation of parents and children, imprisoned immigrants, illegal detention of refugees, and other human rights abuses.”

During this time, US President Donald Trump campaigned for the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico. It was the policy to take action against immigrants who tried to enter the country illegally through this border.

Circulate a petition

All three are responsible for a petition circulated within Google to avoid such cooperation. In that petition, among other things, Google has already provided the US government with a trial version of its cloud service. This information was later leaked to the press, although Rivers, Waltman and Duke insisted in the petition that the information was confidential.

After a while the rivers stopped. In an internal note, Google vice president Kent Walker wrote that he “deliberately sought out and shared information that was not important to his work.” He also pointed out that he blamed the rivers for the leak.

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Employees struggle

The decision to suspend the rivers sparked a outcry from Google employees in San Francisco. The angry employees accused their bosses of “wanting to intimidate anyone who disagrees with the leadership,” an organizer said. Washington Post.

All three were fired shortly after. According to Google, they “systematically searched for information unrelated to their work despite warnings” and that information was “shared outside of Google”.

‘Information that all employees can view’

In court documents, Rivers, Waltman and Duke claim that all Google employees search for information that is locally available. They are forced to start petitioning because if Google finds contracts “bad” happening, employees should report it.

No one would have warned that all three were doing wrong.

Google has not yet commented on the case.

Google employees have started a union

At the beginning of 2021, Google employees decided to form the official union, the Alphabet Workers’ Union. In an open letter to The New York Times, these employees also pointed to the old motto ‘Do not be evil’.

Unions are rare in technology companies. The Alphabet union emerged after years of tensions among workers, including the Rivers, Waltman and Duke incidents. According to startups, Google has long been hiding employee concerns.

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