Former GTST Actress Ingham Shramma makes herself heard

I sell my clothes. Size S and brand new. Would you send a message if you are interested? Love ‘, can be seen in her Instagram stories.

She also shares a picture on her page, and she just writes the word “love”. I had to think of you last week and suddenly I’m back. Hope all is well for you, a follower answers. Others also reply that they are happy to see her active again on her Instagram.

Ingmar played the role of Sjors Langeveld from 2003 to 2017 GTSTBut it stopped unexpectedly in 2017 due to exhaustion. Then she did not return to Merdick and actress Melissa Drost took on the role of Sjors permanently.

Then GTSTExit, little heard about in the media. Two years ago she said the following in a statement: “It’s special that I’ve been able to do this job for a long time, from such a young age. I really grew up with Nice times, bad times During that time the role of Sjors grew with me. “From girl to mother,” says Ingmar. I am very grateful for this precious time in my life. It’s an intense, but correct decision. I am now looking forward to a new stage in which I can discover and develop other talents.

Exactly what Ingmar does in her daily life is unknown. She gives her followers a glimpse into her life, as can be seen below.

Melissa, who took on the role of Sjors, could no longer be seen in the popular soap. Recently, she announced in an interview with Özcan Akyol that she is finishing her “frumpy” roles for the time being. “I often get picked for such kinds of safe roles. Maybe because of my looks. I get it somewhere, but it’s a shame that you are so fast in such a box in Holland and you never get out of it.”

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What viewers don’t see is the “dark person” she claims to be. “I’m much tougher and interesting than I can show right now.” Something that was bothering her at the time of Merdek’s period. “This was also very annoying. I didn’t like it. It was just making tea, folding the laundry and crying.”

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