Former President Jair Bolsonaro has ordered the return of $3 million worth of jewelry to Saudi Arabia

Recent elections have shown that Brazil is politically very complete. However, the Workers’ Party came out on top and made Lula da Silva president for a second term. He also won the presidential election in 2003, after which he remained in office until 2011.

The furore surrounding the infamous former president Jair Bolsonaro

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro were somewhat displeased with the decision and took to the streets en masse. By this time, around 50,000 demonstrators were on their feet and even the city hall in São Paulo was attacked. Scenes reminiscent of the storming of the Capitol in Washington DC, the capital of the United States.

The situation caused quite a stir, but most of it has now been cleared. But now the following problematic situation presents itself. A Brazilian court has ordered Jair Bolsonaro to return within five days a collection of stunning jewelry, including earrings by Swiss jeweler Chopard, that he received as a gift from the government of Saudi Arabia in 2021. He also received two weapons from the United Arab Emirates in 2019.

Bolsonaro must send a list of all the gifts he received during his presidency. Under Brazilian law, dignitaries can only keep gifts if they represent “highly personal, but minimal financial value”.

The ruling came shortly after Brazilian authorities announced they were opening an investigation into an earlier incident in which Bolsonaro allegedly tried to smuggle precious jewels into the country.

The jewels are valued at approximately 3 million euros as a gift from the Saudi government

In total, the beautiful jewels are worth around €3 million. Bolsonaro, who has been in the US since late December last year, will be subpoenaed to testify at the trial.

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