May 26, 2024


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Former Spanish King Juan Carlos pays € 4m in taxes | Currently

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos pays € 4m in taxes |  Currently

The former Spanish king Juan Carlos reached a settlement with the Spanish state due to the back taxes. The 83-year-old Juan Carlos has to pay more than 4 million euros Country at the world Friday.

to me Country Part of the compensation is intended to settle a case involving private flights.

It is said that an institution in Liechtenstein in the name of Juan Carlos’ cousin paid for his expensive private tours for years. According to the newspaper, the former king should have mentioned these trips as income.

Spokesmen for the former king refused to respond to the news agency’s questions Reuters.

Juan Carlos has been living in the United Arab Emirates since August. Locally, he has been criticized for a corruption investigation and accused of tax evasion. In a study targeting high value credit cards whose origins are unclear, it was recently reported that he paid $ 678,000.

The largest investigation center on Juan Carlos’s role in the potential fraudulent purchase of a high-speed line in Saudi Arabia. During his tenure, he may have received tens of millions of euros in Saudi bribes into his offshore account, which he then directed to Spain. Saudi Arabia states that the sums were a gift.

When Juan Carlos received the money, it was still king. In this sense, he is inviolable and does not appear to be actually prosecuted. Another investigation may bring the former king to court. The film focuses on the potential “illegal activities” of Juan Carlos after the change of throne in 2014, when his son Philip VI became king of Spain.

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