Former Surinamese Finance Minister wanted by Interpol | abroad

Former Suriname Finance Minister Gilmore Hovdrad has been on Interpol’s search list since Saturday. Various Surinamese media reported this on Saturday.

Less than a year ago, the then Surinamese public prosecutor had already issued a search warrant to Hovvrad. So far no trace of him has been found. Hoefdraad was supposed to be placed on the Interpol list early this year. However, Suriname needed more time to pass on the correct information.

Huff Wire is suspected of being involved in money laundering and corruption. At the beginning of February, the Public Prosecution Office of Suriname demanded a twelve-year prison sentence against the former minister.

The Hovdrad case is part of a larger case involving the Central Bank of Suriname. More suspects are implicated in this matter, such as the former head of the Central Bank Robert Van Tricot, the Director of the Suriname Postal Savings Bank Ginmardo Cromosuite and several employees of the Central Bank. According to the Public Prosecution Office, Hovdrad was in contact with all these suspects.

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