Formula 1 denies rumors of the London Grand Prix

Earlier this week, it was rumored that the British capital, London, is currently in talks with Formula 1 to organize a street circuit. It is said that a British group submitted a map of a possible street circuit in the port city of millions, after which the fire spread rapidly. However, the story has now been firmly rejected by the Formula 1 summit.

Now that Formula 1 is growing rapidly, more and more companies, organizations and host countries are seeing the benefit of participating in the motorsport summit. So is the British capital London, or at least that rumor was dumped on the world earlier this week.

A collective has provided a street circuit map in the city of millions, leading to the rumor that the Formula 1 summit is currently busy discussing a second race in England. London, which is also currently organizing the E-Prix, has a whole plan in place for a sports and leisure facility in the port area. This concept has also been reported to have the potential to function as a Formula 1 circuit.

In recent years, Formula 1 has often flirted with staging Grand Prix races in the capital, but ambitious plans have so far never seen the light of day. This modern concept, which has now been retired by Formula 1 owners, includes FOM.

For the time being, the UK will have to be content with only one Grand Prix, the race at the legendary Silverstone circuit. The Formula 1 Circus will travel to the oldest race in the calendar during the weekend of July 7-9.

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