Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz hears time penalty in Australia on Tuesday | Formula 1

The result of the Australian Grand Prix in Formula 1 is still subject to change after two weeks. Spanish driver Carlos Sainz and his Ferrari teammates have asked the stewards to reconsider their decision – a five-second time penalty.

Sainz believes he was wrongly awarded a 5-second time penalty, which resulted in him dropping from fourth to twelfth, losing 12 World Cup points. A troubled GP in Melbourne has announced it will fight a penalty for Ferrari signs, just days after it was forced to stop three times due to crashes.

The Italian racing stable has asked for a review of the case. Ferrari and Sainz must first convince the stewards that they have new information or evidence. That’s why there will be a digital hearing on Tuesday, during which the stewards will speak to the Spanish driver and representatives of the team.

After the second restart, Sainz was penalized for touching the car of his compatriot Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) in the closing stages of the race. The Spaniard reacted angrily and emotionally when he heard his time penalty. “This can’t be true,” Sainz said over the on-board radio. “Do I deserve to finish outside the points? No no. It’s unacceptable. They should have waited until the end of the race and talked to me.

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