Formula 1 drivers in Australia are ‘relaxed’

Many drivers were initially ‘down’ in the country and they certainly never got bored there. Here’s what some are doing ahead of next Sunday’s Formula 1 race in Australia.

Before going back to an intense racing weekend, it is important that drivers get enough rest. Anyway, it’s fun and interesting to see what racing multi-millionaires have done over the past week.

Relaxation before Formula 1 racing in Australia

Formula 1 drivers have filled their own way with distraction and silence. The two went for a ride in a super car (Perez and Alonso), the other went surfing (shoemaker) and Danny Ricciardo went to see his parents.

Seiko Perez entered the Ambol Racing Commodore

Perez entered the Red Bull Ambol Racing Commodore for the first time in his life. And the V8-powered car comes very close to Mexico’s Formula 1 car in terms of speed: the maximum speed of this racing monster is 300 kilometers per hour.

Fernando Alonso drove the Dickford Mustang

Formula 1 senior Fernando Alonso also had to race: he entered Thomas Randall’s Dickford Mustang.

Formula 1, Alonso
Alonso on lightning speed Mustang (Image: Mark Horsberg, Edge Photography)

Daniel Ricciardo went to see Mom and Dad

Of course, Honey Badger could not stop seeing her family on a farm in her native Australia. He was greeted with open arms by the fans, for which he set aside time.

Mick Schumacher went surfing and saw crocodiles

Mick Schumacher went for a walk with Robert Irwin (son) crocodiles at the Australian Zoo. He also went down into the water. Until the racing weekend, he was on board to surf with pro surfers like Connor O’Leary and Isabella Nichols.

“I have been to Byron Bay and the Brisbane Zoo in Australia, so my days have been full of activities, I have met many wonderful people and had many wonderful experiences,” the German-Swiss said in a statement. Interview† So his injury has healed.

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Walter Potts learned the ‘Oz rules’

Voltaire Potas (he excels at Alfa Romeo, but that aside) took some risk while training at the Richmond Football Club. The Formula 1 driver learned the Aussie rules there. Australian football is a truly brutal sport Completely different Than Europe. Thank God he didn’t break anything there.

So the drivers found their composure, but of course did not sit still. Anyway, they are all excited to be racing in Australia again. Also it promises to be an exciting race with an embracing round and extra DRS zone. Do not forget to set the alarm, because the start is already at 07:00 Dutch time.

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Surfing and crocodiles: This is how Formula 1 drivers relax in Australia

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