Formula 1 streaming service won’t receive Dutch comment until June

The Formula 1 streaming service has sent out emails to Dutch subscribers that there will be comments at the start of the F1 season five languages It will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. “Unfortunately, we must inform you that the Dutch suspension will not be available until June 2022,” the letter read. Which Tweakers Quotes

Who will add the Dutch commentary from June F1 TV Pro Will take care of him not yet known. In previous seasons it was possible to hear the Dutch commentary on the F1 TV Pro.


F1 TV Pro is part of Formula 1 itself, but the service will compete in the Netherlands from this season with a new rights holder: Viaplay. The Swedish broadcasting service won the battle for Ziggo’s broadcasting rights and chose to work with other commentators and presenters. Viaplay, the Dutch Formula 1 broadcaster, began today the first day of Formula 1 testing days in Bahrain.

Also on private TV channels

F1 TV Pro is somewhat cheaper than Viaplay, but the Swedish service also offers other sports broadcasts, such as football and darts, and a wide selection of movies and series. Anders Jensen, CEO of Viaplay, said recently that it was no surprise that Formula 1 in the Netherlands was being broadcast on two services. “It fits with the strategy of Formula 1, which is focused on the future. The fact that there is a F1 TV Pro also means that we will eventually have to pay less. The amount would have been higher if Formula 1 had the right to sell only one exclusive party.”

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Formula 1 broadcasts of Viaplay by major Dutch providers can also be watched via regular TV channels. They don’t have to stream through apps, which prevents networks from overloading. “Service providers and we have a common interest. We do it in many countries this way. It’s an easy-to-use solution,” Jensen said.

Comment Olaf Mall via the app

Live suspension in FiPlay comes from Nelson Valkenburg and Milroy Heimskerk. However, Formula 1 fans can also opt for the familiar voice of Olav Mol. Mol can be listened to via the Grand Prix Radio internet station app. With this app, his live commentary during F1 races should be heard at the same time as the TV broadcast or video broadcast.

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