Formula 1 wants to expand in the United States, African places interested in a race

Formula 1 has confirmed that it is in talks with a number of American and African destinations interested in hosting a race in the future.

At the moment, only one race is completed in the United States at the U.S. circuit in Austin, Texas. Formula 1 owners Liberty Media have long been in talks with a Grand Prix promoter in Miami, which features a roundabout around Hard Rock Stadium, but the race has yet to arrive due to local opposition. Stefano Dominicali, CEO of Formula 1, has confirmed that while Miami is still on the table, there are many American venues interested in hosting Formula 1 events.

“Miami, discussions are going on, that’s true,” Dominically said in a conference call with selected Formula 1 media. GPFans Global. “But I want to tell you that in the future our strategy is to have more presence in the United States with more than one Grand Prix. As you know, Austin is important in the last years of our calendar, and it will continue in the future. We are in talks with them about extending our contract. Miami is what we are looking at. One place, that’s all I can say. There’s definitely a lot of interest from both sides in implementing this. ”

Round of America

“There are other opportunities in the United States as well. Miami is very advanced in terms of advice. There are others in other parts of the country, but they are not in a position where I can say ‘they’. But they can say ‘they’. Of course. I think we’ll decide if it’s a cycle. ”

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The concept of a race in Miami

The Vietnam Grand Prix, which began with the introduction of Formula 1 last season before dropping the race from the Govt-19 calendar, was eliminated throughout the year due to political issues in the country. While confirming that Hanoi may qualify for a spot on the street round calendar in the future, Dominically suggested that there might be another African Grand Prix.

“Vietnam is not on the calendar, but it is definitely still an open way,” he said. “It’s an incredible investment, which is why it is still on the table with discussions about future events. There are other areas of interest, mainly in North Africa, South Africa. I can not tell you anything. This is one of the most important, new and old places in Formula 1 with the best tradition.

“Now we must not forget that we have lost some European races that are of interest to reconsider. We need to determine what is the right balance in the number of races. We need to see what areas are needed for strategic interests, broadcasting interests, determining media interests and the right path.”

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