May 26, 2024


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Formula 1 will not have three races but six next season

Formula 1 will not have three races but six next season


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Formula 1 will not have three but six races next season. The FIA ​​has given permission to include three additional race tracks in the calendar.

During weekends, sprint races, which were held for the first time last season, are always held on Saturdays. There are also additional races between qualifying on Friday and the main race on Sunday. The result of the sprint race determines the starting order of the main race.

For drivers, a sprint is an opportunity to score extra points for the World Cup position. This season, the top 8 in the sprint will get points, last year these were only the top three. The winner gets eight.

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Max Verstappen has won sprint races in Italy and Austria this season

Stefano Domenicali, president of Formula 1, expressed his delight at the expansion: “The fast race gives drivers something to fight for on Friday, even the main race on Sunday. It adds more drama and excitement to the weekend.” It is not yet known where the sprint races will be held. .

Racing calendar for 2023

It was announced last week that the Formula 1 calendar in 2023 is a little fuller than this year. The number of races will be expanded by two races from 22 to 24 this weekend.

FC Monaco cheered, because the Monaco GP is still in the program after contractual doubts. On May 28 to be exact. F1 Circus will visit the United States three times next season. In addition to Miami and Texas, there will also be races in Las Vegas. The Dutch Grand Prix will be held in Zandvoort a week earlier this year, that is, on August 27, 2023.