Fortnite Season 6 begins this week: it’s all new | Currently

The sixth season of the still very popular shooting game It is an electronic game It started on Tuesday. We list all that is new in the big game update.

It is an electronic game Still playing a lot. In May of last year, the creator of Epic Games said so 350 million people They created an account for the free game. 15.3 million players played the game on the same day in early December.

It is assumed that several players have been waiting for the latest update which appeared on Tuesday. In Season 2 of Season 2, the game world shook up a bit to keep things fresh and interesting.

The play island has changed

The biggest change this season is in the playing card, which was changed after a big explosion at the end of Season Five. There is now a large tower in the center of the island and near the village. The desert from the previous season seems to have disappeared.

As with previous seasons, you must visit each location before it appears on your in-game map. The map below can help you find places easily.

Play island map.

Play island map.

Play island map.

You can hunt animals and craft weapons

All over the island are dotted with animals that you can hunt from now on. Animal species range from chickens to dangerous wolves. If you kill them, you will get leather and other raw materials in return.

You can then use these resources to craft weapons and other useful items. This way, you can, for example, unlock a special arc and find new weapons that depend less on luck.

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Lara Croft as a playable character

Each season, Epic Games introduces a new Battle Pass, which you can buy for around € 10 to unlock all kinds of add-ons. In between, there are also many new skins, with which you can change your personality.

Perhaps the most noteworthy skin is Lara Croft’s skin, which you can use to play the role of a long-running protagonist Tomb riderGame series. The raven superhero also came out Teen Titans In the battle pass.

Various skins for players to choose.

Various skins for players to choose.

Various skins for players to choose.

Not all innovations have been implemented yet

The season started this week, but not all planned innovations have been implemented yet. For example, in a later update, the appearance of a Neymar footballer will be added It is an electronic gamePlayers who have the Battle Pass.

The season usually lasts for several months, and the fifth season runs from December 2020 to March 15, 2021. During that period, all kinds of characters from the other series cameo, like the characters from the Star Wars series. Mandalorian And Marvel movies. More engraving is also likely to be planned for Season 6.

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