Fortuna player Fleming makes a statement after the goal with the note #sportenisGezond: “Do this for my brother” | AirDevice

By Nick Cook

According to Fleming, it wasn’t an action he had been thinking about for days, he said after the match. But after my afternoon nap, I made it up. I have to say it’s something that keeps me busy, and as a professional footballer I have a podium. I think you should take advantage of that. I’ve posted something on social media before, and this was another way to get attention to it.” Smiling: ‘I guess I should just sign up today, that should have been the case.’

He himself is not too bothered by the Cabinet’s decision not to allow him to exercise after 5 pm. ,, But my brother who is active in amateur football has it. I do this for him and for the other amateur athletes for whom this is a difficult decision. I think more attention should be paid to move more. More exercise increases resistance, which is healthy. I would say at this time: get people moving now. It’s also better for the mind.”

Fleming also finds it interesting what well-known neuropsychology professor Eric Scherder has to say about it. “He argues that exercise actually helps against coronavirus,” Fleming says. “More kilograms means less resistance, and that applies to everyone.”

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