Fortuna Sittard 1-2 win over Sparta in Rotterdam | 1 Limburg

Fortuna Sittard beat Sparta 1-2 on Saturday at the Heat Castell Stadium in Rotterdam.

Sittard’s team opened the scoring midway through the first half with Lysandro Simedo’s shot, but had to concede their own goal after more than half an hour. Shortly after the start of the second half, Sebastian Poulter clinched the match with a header.

Avoid being too tight
Sittard’s players walked away early in the match when goalkeeper Yannick van Osh managed to shoot a cross from Lennart Thi before Deroy Duarte became dangerous. After the ball was brought up again by Pinto, Van Osh could barely stop Tesfaldet Tekie from taking the ball into his team’s goal.

First chance
After more than ten minutes of play, Fortunes got their first chance in the game when captain Ben Rienstra sent teammate Lisandro Semedo into the rear, but found goalkeeper Okoye in his path.

It gives Semedo Fortuna the top spot
Then Sparta created chances, but coach Henk Fraser’s side did not get the ball between the crossbar. Fortuna succeeded midway through the first half when Xian Fleming, after a sharp response, designed Lisandro Simedo and hit the ball past Rotterdam: 0-1.

Gravenberch is equal
Sparta immediately went to search for an equalizer. Van Osh managed to overtake an attempt from Deroy Duarte, but had to get the ball out of the ropes after half an hour of soccer play when year-old Danzel Gravenbirch took advantage of close range and the scoreboard equalized: 1-1.

Tapped from the corner
Then the Rotterdam team got a chance to take the lead via Lennart Thi, but he fired over it and slave Haroui shot from corner to corner by Van Osh.

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Fortuna demanded a penalty kick five minutes before the end of the first half after the hand of Sparta defender Dirk Abels, but the ball did not reach the penalty and the first half of the match ended with a 1-1 draw.

Fortuna is in the lead again
Five minutes into the second half, Fortuna Sittard was 1-2. Mats Syntens passed the ball, after which freestanding Sebastian Poulter headed the ball into the ropes. Shortly thereafter Lisandro Semedo got a free pass, but he fired from a distance from the Rotterdam goal.

A lot of space
Then Fortuna Sittard got a lot of space to increase the lead, but he didn’t get past goalkeeper Okoye. Goalkeeper Yannick van Osh only had to take action in the second half, 20 minutes before the end. He had no problem shooting Abdo Harawi.

Mats Sonnetenz hit Madoka Okoye deep in the second half, but his shot went too far.

Great promotion by Van Osch
Ten minutes before the end of the match, goalkeeper Van Osh had to do his best to prevent Reza Kharchouch from scoring. Keep the ball off his feet and prevent a tie.

Sparta did everything in the final round to score another point, but failed to score. For Fortuna Sittard, it was their fourth consecutive first-leg win.

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