Fortunately, no one hit the Chinese missile

Did you wake up Sunday morning without the debris of a rocket in your garden or balcony? It should have been a relief, not just for the readers Loyal, But to people all over the world. As far as is known, the wreckage of the Chinese missile did not hit anything or anyone, and a few fish were shocked in the Indian Ocean west of the Maldives.

Long waited several days to see where March 5B would land. Named after the historic outburst movement of the Chinese Communists in the 1930s, it was clear that the rocket would not burn completely in the atmosphere. Garbage can end up in a vast zone around the world.

In the danger zone

Now the Netherlands was north of that area, so concerns here were exaggerated. But southern Europe, Africa, Arabia, southern and Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States and Central and South America were at risk. The Chinese have also been blamed, including the US space agency NASA. “It’s clear that China has failed to meet responsible standards when it comes to space debris,” said NASA executive Bill Nelson.

China thought the fuss was exaggerated because the chances of Long March hitting populated areas are small, right? After all, oceans, deserts, and other uninhabited areas make up the vast majority of the earth’s surface.

Residents of Ivory Coast may think differently about this. A year ago, fragments of the previous Long March 5B went out of business in that West African country. No small pieces, but a meter long cable duct with the rest. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

In 1979, debris from the Skylab space station landed in Australia. Since then, rockets and space stations have been designed to burn completely once they return to normal.

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