for wall decoration; Character in a unique setting

Amersfoort To keep your memories alive and display photos permanently, you can give yourself, your family or friends a beautiful uniquely framed picture as a gift.

Often the personal decoration of the walls perfectly complements the room. So you can completely fill a space in your own way: you can, for example, choose to have the most beautiful pictures framed or printed on canvas.

Arjan Mulder is the entrepreneur behind, a young and creative online company mainly, from Amersfoort.

In 2016, Mulder took over from his uncle and colleague who has a certified frame maker and studio in Naarden. “I revamped the online store and made it easy to use: You pick a frame, upload your image and do the rest. The frames are standard sizes. There are possibilities for more customization in the future.”

Option Suppose you want to surprise Grandpa or Grandma with a beautiful picture for the grandchildren, or you just got married and want to hang the most beautiful picture in your living room. At you can get those pictures framed in unique picture frames made of wood, aluminum or plastic with special anti-reflective museum glass, in baroque, classic or modern style. By offering different frames in standard sizes, there are many options for every style.

I want to relieve this pressure by reassuring people that the funeral order is being delivered quickly and correctly

remind Especially in this day and age, such a selfie is on a mission, so the other person knows you are thinking about him or her. , I missed in Hugo de Jong’s speech that he mentioned recently He said something in the direction of Contact each other a lot, send each other a card. ” He could have added to that as far as I’m concerned Or order a framed memory for your loved ones at, as you cannot visit them at the moment.Mulder laughs. “At this particular time, I notice – just as in the first close case – that the number of orders is higher and I’m moving to addresses other than the billing address.”

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Beautifully organized There is a growing need for framing of memories. Mulder goes for fast and accurate delivery. There is only one case that Mulder prioritizes and drops everything for. For funerals, people often request a picture in or near a frame of the coffin. “These are situations in which you should not be stressed as a relative alive or get things right,” he says. “I want to relieve this pressure by reassuring people that their funeral order is being delivered quickly and correctly.”

If you want a different format that is not available on the web store, you can contact us by phone or send a message via WhatsApp. These short lines ensure fast customer service. “The image in the frame is securely wrapped and delivered to the customer’s home,” concludes Mulder.

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