Four BBC dramas get a second season

In one fell swoop, no fewer than four BBC dramas are guaranteed a second season…

The BBC is known for being the home of many excellent drama series. The BBC has now announced that no fewer than four new dramas have been guaranteed for a second season.

The names that have been renewed for a second season are certainly not the least. It’s not just about transponder And the timebut also the tourist And vigilance

who – which the tourist He will get a sequel that was already confirmed. It is actually the highest rated drama of 2022 so far. The series premiered best on the so-called BBC iPlayer in January of this year.

Great drama series
Not only the tourist I managed to get excellent grades. The same is also the case for transponder† Captured nearly 10 million viewers within 30 days of launch. The second season of this series will also be filmed in Liverpool, England.

also vigilance He has an excellent track. In 2021, it was the UK’s most-watched drama series in three years. So it managed to attract an audience of 13 million viewers in the 30 days before the first episode. The series could ultimately count on an average of 12.6 million viewers.

Finally, there is also the time† It was also one of the best performing drama series of 2021. So it could count on nearly 12 million viewers over a 30 day period. The second season of the time It will be placed entirely in a women’s prison and will have a new staff.

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One thing that should be clear, for drama fans, BBC has a lot in store for drama fans in the coming period!

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