Four-bolt Chardon wins World Cup gold again after 40 years of first title with his son | Currently

The four-handed Dutchman won the Nations Cup gold medal at the World Cup in Italy on Sunday. Father and son IJsbrand and Bram Chardon, remained with Koos, prior to the Germany and Belgium Tour.

61-year-old Eijsbrand Chardon, 29-year-old Bram Chardon and 45-year-old de Roonde each collected a total of 313.93 penalty points. The Netherlands thus left Germany (327.45) and Belgium (356.39) far behind.

IJsbrand Chardon took the silver in the individual classification. South Hollander came after three parts (dressage, marathon and skill team) with a total of 159.82 penalty points. However, he had to put up with his Australian rival Boyd Exel (156.06).

Bram Chardon finished fourth with 165.92 penalty points. He had to leave the bronze to German Michael Bruchelle (163.89). De Ronde slipped back into the standings due to a somewhat disappointing skill test and finished in seventh place with 175.09 penalty points.

Four years ago at the World Championships in Tryon, the Netherlands, the Dutch four-wheeled drivers were second only to the United States in the country rankings. Individually, father and son Chardon and de Rond were disqualified from the medals.

IJsbrand Chardon has been one of the top four drivers in the world for decades. In 1982 he became world champion for the first time in Apeldoorn with the Dutch national team. Six years later, he took home his first singles world title.

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