Four pirates were killed after an exchange of fire with Danish special units of the frigate Esbern Snare

Danish special units from the frigate KDM Esperin Snir shot four dead in a gunbattle in the Gulf of Guinea on Wednesday night. This happened as part of an anti-piracy campaign. The ship was alerted that a suspicious boat was circling the merchant ships and decided to go into action after the Seahawk’s helicopter surveyed it.

KDM Esbern ambush in the Gulf of Guinea. Seahawk helicopter on the helicopter platform. (Photo: Danish Navy)

The Seahawk helicopter spotted a speedboat with eight people on board in international waters near Nigeria. The helicopter crew can see from the air a number of tools commonly used by pirates, such as a ladder. When Esbern Snare got close enough to the suspicious ship, it was Al-Dafd Corps, Oman Head towards the suspected boat in RHIB boats. Frømandskorpset (“Frogmen Corps”) is a unit of the Danish Special Forces.

The pirates did not respond to the Danes’ call to stop. Warning shots were fired, after which the pirates shot the frogs. From RHIB they returned fire. The Danish defense said four pirates were killed and a fifth person on board was wounded You know this morning. None of the Danish soldiers were injured.

Frømandskorpset was established in 1957 as a special unit of the Danish Navy, and today it is under the Danish Special Operations Command. The Frogmen had come under multiple fires with Somali pirates in the waters around Somalia. (Photo: Danish Navy)

Then the other pirates were detained on the ship and the wounded were treated. Denmark is in the process of investigating what to do with the hackers now.

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A Danish frigate was sent to the Gulf of Guinea in October to combat piracy. As far as is known, this is the first time that the frigate has taken action against pirates.

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