France and Mariska Bauer marry again

Damans spend their entire lives searching for themselves and the meaning of life. Society is completely self-sufficient. They have their own currency, GP, school, supermarket and firefighters. They also see living together in large groups in one home – which isn’t exactly on the main roads – as a learning process, and Frans and Maresca get a chance to participate in that learning process.

Only when they think they’ve gone missing does De Bauers know where to find where to stay. At home, residents not only eat together, but they really take care of each other. According to Frans and Mariska, the perfect solution to combat loneliness. Although they have their doubts about sanitation …

“Everyone is a little connected to their privacy. But I don’t think that’s possible in a house like this,” the two spoke for a while on their way to their next destination. “How do you do that with one pigeon? If you look at us, there are six of us and that’s actually a cauldron witch in the morning (…) I assume they don’t have twenty pigeons. This is a military operation now.”

The two continue to fall from one to the other as they begin to compose music with plants, which are connected via two electrodes to a music player. “It’s really not possible (…) I don’t really believe in it,” Mariska asks.

But the most important thing in their journey is yet to come: the wedding. The people of Damanhur get married every year. Even if you want to stay together for the rest of your life, you must renew your vows every year. And that also sounds like a thing for France and Mariska. “A thousand red roses or diamonds cannot say how much I love you,” says Frans expresses his love for his wife. Mariska also put her feelings on paper: “Today we are here to marry for one year, but that doesn’t sound like a good idea, because you are the man to me forever.”

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