France bans e-scooters for children up to the age of 14 | outside

France prohibits the use of electric scooters by anyone under the age of 14. Moreover, the fines for e-step violations will rise exponentially.

The government hopes that this will reduce the inconvenience caused by this mode of transportation, which has become very popular in a short time, but which is also arousing resistance. The number of fatalities and serious injuries due to electric scooter accidents has exploded. The “chaos” of self-catering rentals is also causing tension, especially in the French capital, Paris. There is a referendum on Sunday that could lead to a complete ban.

The French government’s plan aims to achieve “reconciliation”. E-scooters could be an opportunity if they are arranged properly, according to the Minister for Transport. Increasing the age limit from 12 to 14 years should contribute to this. From now on, scooters must also have brake lights and turn signals.

Regulations for e-scooters are also gradually being tightened outside of France, such as in Rome, Lisbon, Stockholm and Oslo. They are now banned in Barcelona and Montreal, for example.

In the Netherlands, an age limit of 16 years applies. You are only allowed to go on the Dutch way with an electronic step if it meets a set of rules. Only a few models are approved. At the beginning of this year, new rules will be introduced regarding e-step. This did not happen. A new bill is expected to be introduced this year with rules for light electric vehicles. It is still not clear if the e-move will be banned next.

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