Franciscus Gasthuis uses its first hybrid operating room

Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam has put into service its first hybrid operating room. Construction began in September 2020 and staff have been able to warm up in recent weeks. The training courses ended and the first operations were carried out. To the satisfaction of the doctors, as well as the other operating room staff.

“In a hybrid operating room, we can combine two techniques. As a vascular surgeon, I can operate on a patient with a point and stent; an endovascular technique. But suppose it does not go well or I cannot have it in after that I can have the calcification procedure Through a small incision, via an open process, “says vascular surgeon Gages Wilton.

“And combining these two surgical methods – exactly with an arterial contrast fluid, but also with a knife and tweezers – means I can combine the two techniques into one hybrid setup.”

Readily available

In addition to the latest tech gadgets, there’s also a lot more physical space in the operating room. For example, a medical warehouse is now immediately available without staff having to leave the sterile room. The room also has its own fixed x-ray equipment. Employees no longer have to get everything from everywhere in the morning.

“Yeah, that’s really fun. The previous operating room I was often standing in was a lot smaller. It’s an exact space that provides peace of mind, but you also need space for all of those devices that are on the floor, the screens hanging from them. Gijs Welten adds.

Invest and innovate

With the arrival of the Hybrid Chamber, the eleventh operating room of Francis, it is far from over. The hospital continues to invest and innovate in the future.

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“It is always good to look forward. With the hospital, we want to constantly strive to innovate and now with the mixed room, it feels like we’re playing in the Champions League. We want to stay there too.”

According to Welten, the hospital is already working on the future. “The future may be working in these types of ultra-modern operating rooms, where other professionals can use them. As a result, we also need more than one. And this innovation and constant pursuit of perfection has a lot to offer. Time, but we do it that way.”

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