Frank Arnesen looking for a longer stay. Arne Slot: Feyenoord wants to break open contract | Dutch football

Feyenoord will likely look very different next season, but if it is up to club management, Arne Slot (43) will remain in the position for years to come. A successful coach can sign a new contract.

Arne Slot is still with Feyenoord until the summer of 2024, but FC Rotterdam is committed to opening and extending this contract as quickly as possible. After one year at De Kuip, the coach is looking particularly good and head coach Frank Arnesen hopes to be able to convince Slot to stay longer in south Rotterdam.

The Danish manager doesn’t want to say much about the fact that Feyenoord is in negotiations with Slot management to get the coach to sign a new contract. ‘But it’s true we’re working on it,’ says Arnesen.

Feyenoord knows there are pirates on the coast who want to remove Slot from Kuip. The coach who directs a club that no longer plays any role in Europe to the Conference League final is in the spotlight and this is also the case at Slot.

sweets away
Cyril Desires’ successful period in Feyenoord is drawing to a close. FC Rotterdam decided not to exercise the option on the goal thief. So Dessers will return to RC Genk.

The coach is very popular among fans. But Slot also knows that a new phase has begun for Feyenoord. When the coach started in Rotterdam last summer, expectations weren’t too high. Without captain and top scorer Stephen Pergues and after a very difficult season, it was actually enough for Slot to play attractive football and start developing players. No one thought Feyenoord would hardly win the European Cup.

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Juice Tell

Slot almost had a laugh in Tirana after the 1-0 defeat against Roma when Feyenoord was said to have moved up to last place for more successes in Europe. In any case, the coach will have to do without Cyriel Dessers, who will not return. In the end, the striker and the club could not come to an agreement. Sloat also counts on the departure of other mercenaries Reiss Nelson and Gus Till. Dessers’ replacement Bryan Linssen has packed his bags to continue his career elsewhere.

Terrell Malacia. © ANP

And if Feyenoord can hold on to one of the three mainstays, Orkun Kökçü, Luis Sinisterra and Tyrell Malacia, that would indeed be surprising. The trio rank highly among many clubs in Europe. Now that Marcos Senesi has finally been able to call himself an Argentine international, the move seems like a logical next step. Sevilla is said to have already inquired about the Argentine side, now that Diego Carlos has switched to Aston Villa.

Among the teams that made it to the final, goalkeeper Justin Bello, defenders Gernot Trauner, Lucharel Gertrude and midfielder Frederic Orsnes, as well as substitute Jens Tornstra, did not appear to have survived. Sloot hopes Swede Patrick Wallimark will develop into a key player, while keeping Alireza Jahanbakhsh on board. Certainly, the departure of Marcus Pedersen, followed by clubs from Italy, is not excluded.

Jorit Hendricks.
Jorit Hendricks. © Pro Shots / Stanley Gontha

Ramon Hendrix (FC Utrecht) and Philip Sandler (free transfer) have already left. Jorit Hendrix, who has been leased from Spartak Moscow for a year and a half and usually resides in Kuip for another year, does not appear to qualify for more than a few alternatives after the summer. Cole Bassett is also far from ready for a mainstay in Rotterdam at the moment.

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The passing of 25-year-old Sandler is indeed a perfect example of Feyenoord’s case. The technically skilled defender showed on the training ground that he could easily play football with Feyenoord, but the club’s management did not dare to make the choice for economic and physical reasons. Whether the player can handle a killer three-game schedule in eight days next season remains the big question. And for a club that still has little money in the bank, investing a salary in such a player is still a big risk.

Philip Sandler.
Philip Sandler. © Pro Shots / Eric Basman

There are also changes in the field of goalkeepers. Feyenoord is looking for a new, experienced goalkeeper behind the outcast Bigelow, meaning that Ofir Marciano will drop out of a place in the hierarchy and will have to continue as third. Young goalkeeper Tein Troost (20) can be told he has to leave, while Thijs Jansen (20) is looking for a club where he can gain much-needed experience.


When Slot begins training on June 27, it will do so with a large number of young players. For now, this is not exactly out of luxury, but primarily out of necessity. After all, international players all get more time to catch their breath after a long season. That’s been the case since Slot was at the helm of the team, by the way, but which of those players will ever see again in Kuip is highly questionable.

Transfer fees that may come in because there are so many sales are highly welcome, but Slot also knows he can only use a modest portion to get his team back on the mend. Although he will certainly try to achieve more commitments in this area during the current negotiations.

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