Frank Jansen’s Nightmare: Wildfires Destroy a French House

Frank, who has already had a very turbulent year, told the newspaper: “I didn’t know what I heard when I got a call from my French assistant in the middle of the night on Monday with a message that he and his wife had heels on their belongings. They were assembled and left in a hurry. They were in danger of becoming a victim. to the fires currently engulfing Saint-Tropez.”

The announcer says his French assistant and his wife live in a recently renovated garden house in Frank Square. The service house where his assistant lived was completely destroyed: “They could not take anything and lost everything. Furniture, clothes and even passports. If I understand correctly, the fires were at the end of the afternoon. Because of the massive drought and high winds the flames spread very quickly So much so that the police wouldn’t let her stay for a minute.”

Previous Prikkie’s PalaceThe presenter of the program is very sad and shocked by the sad news. “Not only the staff accommodation, but also other buildings on the property near the house have burned to the ground. The pool is a big mud puddle. The neighbor tried to use the water from my pool to use a sea that broke into his house. I set the fire to put it out. But to no avail. “.

As “lucky by chance” his house survived: “My house, which at first glance seems still reasonably intact, stands in an immeasurably black desert. Trees, bushes, everything is set ablaze. It looks like hell.” Frank burst into tears after his neighbor’s call. Now that the feelings had subsided somewhat, he was especially relieved that there were no injuries. Once the presenter is sure that it is safe to go and that he can do something, he departs for the south of France.

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He’s not too concerned yet about the damage settlement: “I think I’m pretty well insured. A few years ago, the policy was renewed, and as far as I can remember, damage from a natural disaster was also arranged to have it covered. It’s still too new to worry me now. It should. I have to get over the shock first,” Frank told telegraph.

Frank and his ex-husband Roger were in the news late last year due to their relationship issues. At the end of 2020, Frank and Roger announced that they would separate permanently. RTL Boulevard spoke with former lovers at the time, as feelings were running high. This can be seen in the excerpt below.

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