Frans Dueges amazes table guests with his high energy bills

He does not hide the fact that France deserves a rich sandwich. We must know that he lives “very large” with a living space of 1800 square meters, for which he now pays 1800 euros in energy costs. “I think that will continue beyond 2k,” says France. He describes his monthly energy bill as “strange”. “I actually, sorry to say it, want to stop Fattenfall’s heart attack and be self-sufficient.”

So, the folk singer has already started making it more sustainable and now has 85 solar panels. “Don’t worry, I use 23,000 cubic meters of electricity a year.” The average is 1,200 kWh per year, says presenter Leonie Ter Brac between the nose and the lips. And these solar panels, of course, are not free either. “The government is involved in this, because VAT is refundable. I’m paying €54,000 to €58,000 for it.”

The other table guests and the presenter, Léonie Ter Brac, are giddy at the sums mentioned by France. “But dude, what are you doing? Do you sit in a bubble bath all day or something?” It comes from the mouth of the self-described “very economical” Katherine Kell, who herself uses an average of 1,200 kWh per year. Yes, the bubble bath is still really on, France confirms: “Not now, by the way, but my in-laws still live inside with us.”

The TV star also likes to emphasize how good it is to live in her eyes. “This is about my street! Jeez,” she says of her 1,800-square-foot space. “I won’t say anything more than that,” concludes the paying Francis. Katherine invites herself: “Maybe I’ll come and stay with you, you have plenty of room.”

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Gyms are also sweating a lot with current energy prices. John Williams, among others, takes action and science journalist Diederick Jekyll explains the energy crisis:

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